Frequently Asked Questions

We can only woof ALL Major Laptops and PCs EXCEPT:

  • Dell (Alienware Included)
  • Razer
  • Mac.

All of the above work flawlessly with Woofer X, please join our discord and open a ticket to check!

No, windows reinstall is not required. However in some cases, we find out that our customers used bad spoofers or unremovable cheats then we do consider windows reinstall, only windows reinstall without removing your files. 

No, woofer is permeant, so your HWID will stay changed forever. You have the option to retrieve your original HWID if you wish but you need to contact admins/support on discord using something called Unwoofer

Not any time soon, but as we update it to support other systems we will reconsider. For now, its 1 time permeant and lifetime

You will not be able to use the same key, but we offer a rewoof program that is completely free to obtain a new key, all you have to do is open a ticket on the discord server with your woofer key and purchase id

Yes you can, Woofer perma spoof your system to a totally new system to play your games again. However, there is an unwoofer program in available that will reverse to your original hwid incase you u served your 90 days.

No. We support other games as well, check the status section at wooferpro.com/status

After purchase with Sellix, you will receive your key and instructions by email. We support BTC/ETH/LTC/PayPal and Credit Cards

For Beginners its between 10-15 Mins. For Advanced users, its around 5 minutes.