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Woofer can only woof ALL major Laptops and PCs EXCEPT:

– Dell (Alienware Included)

– Razer

– Macs

Purchase is INSTATNT! You will get your Key and Instructions after payment. You will not even need assistance with setting it up if you can read and follow written instructions!

If your happy with Woofer and would consider Woofer Plus, you will get a $20 discount coupon for Woofer Plus upon Woofer purchase. You will receive your coupon automatically after purchase!

PayPal is currently Disabled. Consider purchasing from resellers at:

Compare Woofer vs Woofer Plus at

If woofer did not work, we provide FULL refunds to all payments:

If you did not receive your key immediately after purchase. Please consider contacting us at:

191 reviews for Woofer

  1. Avatar

    Sam (verified owner)

    Thank you works good

  2. Avatar

    s8tn (verified owner)

    staff fixed all my problems, woofer works perfectly for everything

  3. Avatar

    Anon (verified owner)

    Used the product, have been unbanned for 3 weeks and going. It was easy to use and setup, and I had no issues with it.

  4. Avatar

    Sami (verified owner)

    No its not working and i feel so bad right now

  5. Avatar

    mcspeed (verified owner)

    has been working for me for a solid 3 months and still going +rep

  6. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Avatar

    cory wrld (verified owner)

    best woofer ever that i used

  8. Avatar

    Da1niel (verified owner)

    Works for Valorant, great product and would definitely recommend. Support is fantastic with resolving any issues.

  9. Avatar

    jungee (verified owner)

    Really recommend! Product works as advertised πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    got this so I dont have to be worried about being banned on valorant anymore, and it does just the job

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