Woofer Plus

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Woofer can only woof ALL major Laptops and PCs EXCEPT:

– Dell (Alienware Included)

– Razer

– Macs

Purchase is INSTATNT! You will get your Key and Instructions after payment. You will not even need assistance with setting it up if you can read and follow written instructions!

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If woofer did not work, we provide FULL refunds to all payments:

If you did not receive your key immediately after purchase. Please consider contacting us at:

62 reviews for Woofer Plus

Based on 62 reviews
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  1. Lucas E.

    at first I had issues with one of the steps, but I opened a ticket and support helped me within a few minutes

  2. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    support be a lil slow but it works well

  3. David (Verified Purchase)

    idk if it works on rust lol

  4. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    works but it fucks up ur PC’s applications passwords and search index, but tbh its better than resetting everytime so i cant be mad

  5. Justin J. (Verified Purchase)

    Hi, tbh i was looking for the wooferX but it is not available. i was trying to use this for Warzone but it doesnt look like it changed my SSD. but thats fine

  6. gelo cafino (Verified Purchase)

    it worked on valorant. but i cant play my other game which is special force rush.

  7. abdulrahman ali (Verified Purchase)

    The spoofer works flawlessly, and its probably the best one yet on the market, and I understand the amount of tickets they get but when they take 3 days to try resolving my issue and they just tell me to reset my pc when I’ve done it already as if they got no other solution but even when I did still had that error for some reason, in the end they didn’t resolve my issue I fixed it myself that is why I give it a 4/5. other than that the spoofer is literally the best one if you’re so skeptical about this trust me this one is the one

  8. austin morales (Verified Purchase)

    Great service the support was patient ,unbanned for 2 1/2 days now.

  9. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Works fine, support is really slow sometimes but most of the time it’s okay, and since they have hundreds of tickets it’s totally understandable

  10. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Best easy to use but support take long time

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