Woofer Plus

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Woofer can only woof ALL major Laptops and PCs EXCEPT:

– Dell (Alienware Included)

– Razer

– Macs

Purchase is INSTATNT! You will get your Key and Instructions after payment. You will not even need assistance with setting it up if you can read and follow written instructions!

PayPal is currently Disabled. Consider purchasing from resellers at:

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If woofer did not work, we provide FULL refunds to all payments:

If you did not receive your key immediately after purchase. Please consider contacting us at:

36 reviews for Woofer Plus

  1. Avatar

    ibrahim kanlı (verified owner)

    Nice spoofer thank you

  2. Avatar


    Needed help at first because im sort of clueless with this stuff, but after I asked about some stuff in their discord server, it worked perfectly

  3. Avatar


    easy peasy to setup and use. +rep

  4. Avatar


    woofer is best valo spoofer 😈

  5. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best spoofer

  6. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    support be a lil slow but it works well

  7. Avatar

    michael b. (verified owner)

    Super spoofer on the world

  8. Avatar

    Cristiano B. (verified owner)

    Perfect! Just one thing: I need to change my mac address and restart to play normally, if I don’t, error 51 occurs and if I reenter error 5

  9. Avatar

    David (verified owner)

    idk if it works on rust lol

  10. Avatar

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very mid, I have heard that this spoofer is good and works for a lot of people, but it didnt work for me. I have an ASUS mobo which means that it should work. Reguardless I have heard very good things from the spoofer so I give it a 3.

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