Woofer vs Other Permanent Spoofers


This is a lengthy article to all our customers and anyone who has used other permanent spoofers. A short TL:DR in the discord server.


Woofer started in April 2020 as a private spoofer. Slowly, it grew and became public in August 2020 as more and more users joined in, it became widespread as the best available permanent spoofer in early 2021. Here are all the previous vouches since Oct 2020 (page is huge, might slow your browser)

I would like to address the 11 topics below regarding Woofer vs. other permanent providers.

1. Pasters

Eventually, people started copying what we do, either to publish it publicly or rather to copy it for their own gain and call it their own. This has become a worrying situation for users because copiers, or what you would call them, pasters, do not care about the users hardware and simply do what they know to spoof their users to the maximum extent, sacrificing many things that users are not aware of.

It’s primarily for this reason that a well-known “spoofer” out there, whom you’re probably familiar with, is literally spreading lies about us while completely copying what we do 100%. If you do not believe us, ask any reverser to reverse woofer and their spoofer, compare them side by side and you will find its 90% match. Not only copying what we do, but also copying how we had coded Woofer. The owner would also move around bragging about reversing or cracking spoofers when the main objective of doing that is to paste something new to his already pasted spoofer.

All of those spoofers do not care about your original HWID at all. What they care about is simply running a simple tool to change your entire HWID, asking you to reinstall Windows or Raid 0 because they cannot spot traces or spoof drives, then asking you to bios update. That’s it.

If you want a simple public version of this entire process or how your favorite spoofer does it, you can read it here. That’s without the permanent Ethernet/Wifi changers, of course.

You can compare what you see on that page, the date it was published and your favorite spoofers date of publication on EPVP. For example, this is the first date of the publication of the public version of the above link.


Then you would know you are basically being scammed by a free process. Idk, 110$ or probably 15$ for every respoof ? Think about that for a minute.

2. HWID Deletion

Every spoofer that you have purchased or used manually, has completely removed your HWID forever. That is no longer called spoofing; it’s called HWID changer. Because, when you use any spoofer, you basically hide your original HWID to use the new HWID on your system to do whatever you are looking for, just like how temp spoofer work, but that does not mean you actually lose your original HWID. We knew this before Woofer was ever written, and we made sure that was not the case with us. We would take the utmost care of your original HWID. Even if you used any permanent spoofer after us and had previously used woofer, chances are we have your original hwid 100% safe.

By the end of the day, there are many things you will lose when you use any permanent spoofer other than woofer. I will not list all of them because some terms cannot be easily understood by the general public, but one thing you will probably understand is warranty.

3. Warranty

The only thing that they did not bother to copy is our concern about customers safety and security, which is, as I just said earlier, warranty and such. We care about your HWID because we do understand your HWID completely and it’s not something we would simply sacrifice because of the value it is to you and your hardware. Imagine buying a new laptop, 3070 GPU with a 3 year warranty, using their spoofer, trying to return it because it’s overheating and the manufacturer declines your return or even fixing it because it does not match the HWID in their system since it matches someone else’s.

This is a case that happened to one of our customers using a different spoofer. Of course, we fixed this problem because they had used woofer before the other spoofer, and we were able to return the original HWID back, and they were able to successfully return the laptop!!

4. One click Spoof

I’d like to say that if you reinstall Windows and use raid 0, the woofer will work flawlessly. We had this suggested 2 years ago for users, but eventually as we developed woofer, and games became bigger and users files became more valuable and important, we dropped those topics altogether because users wouldn’t like to be told to reinstall Windows every spoof or raid 0 like how other spoofers recommend you do. Imagine you have hundreds of games installed, or the possibility of buying a hardware after buying a spoofer. What kind of spoofer are you literally wasting your money on that asks you to buy hardware to get you spoofed? If they can’t do such things, they’re not a spoofer. It’s called a paster that can literally be known only to paste.

We know exactly what to spoof and how to spoof it for it to work without the need for any Windows reinstall or raid 0. The only time you would need a windows reinstall is if you used other spoofers/cheats before that messed up your windows.

5. Respoofs

To top it off, permanent spoofers after us, still doing the same tradition, 15$+ for every respoof, looking after your money. Imagine wasting 15 dollars every time for a respoof? We have been giving respoofs for FREE called Rewoofs for almost 1.5 years now since 2021.

6. It always worked. Until the pasters nation attacked

In early 2021, there was no permanent spoofer existing like woofer, so woofer would always work out of the box for everyone because it does one simple thing: spoof your HWID permanently and safely. Eventually, pasters emerged and woofer cannot easily determine the HWID of a computer spoofed by another spoofer because, as I mentioned before, other permanent spoofers do not care about your hardware, so it would read your hardware differently or get locked because your hardware is different than it should be. This made the woofing process harder for us which caused us to have delays in support. Eventually it would work after looking at the situation, but then again, we can never implement the process of other providers because your HWID is of utmost importance to us and to you if you understood what u would be sacrificing, and we would never risk it that easily, especially for laptop users.

7. Compatibility

We know exactly what woofer would work on and what it wouldn’t work on, and we’d make sure to tell you. Since we know what other pasters work on, they would never advertise to you that they do not support your device, so that you buy it from them in hopes that it will work. Then, if you get disappointed that it didn’t work, you would get a “refund”. However, if you’re past their due time, you wouldn’t get a refund no matter what. I can say from experience that I find it very scummy of them to not tell you directly it wouldn’t work, so you buy it when they know for themselves it wouldn’t work.

8. Refunds

Our refund policy is very clear and simple. You can read all about it here
Other providers simply wouldn’t give you a refund after 2 weeks, no matter the reason. We simply provide refunds, even if you come to us 10 years later.

9. Hardware Bricking

This is normally caused by either the spoofer (very rare) or by BIOS flashing, which means that your PC stops turning on again and you need to replace your motherboard. Woofer had never had to do any BIOS flashing before, but as the anti-cheat caught up to what we were doing, we had to figure it out and implement it, even though we understood the risks better than anyone who came after us.

Of course, other spoofers copied that, but again, as I said, no concern about your safety or security. If you ever had this happen to you, either by woofer (very rare) or bios update, all who got affected from our 5,000+ customers know exactly what we did and it speaks louder than words to say here. On the other hand, other spoofers, do not care one bit about this. If you got your hardware bricked, whether it was by their spoofer or bios flashing, some wouldn’t give a refund, some would but only to their spoofers purchase, and that was it as far as I asked, seen, and have been told.

Imagine wasting money on a spoofer, getting your hardware bricked, and the owner tells u, “we are sorry this happened. It’s not our spoofer, it’s your fault. Buy a new hardware and we can give you another key or a refund for the key” and that’s it. Like, basically paying someone to break your hardware for free. How do I know this? You have no idea how many people DM’d us regarding this issue from other providers, and whoever DM’d us reading this, you know exactly what we did on behalf of those pasters.

Again, those providers would go around publicly claiming that this had never happened to them, that they had received no bans or complaints from their spoofer, and so on. The lies eventually accumulate as we are speaking of them now.

10. Deleted Reviews

Some would say Woofer is detected and whatever spoofer is UD based on the majority of positive reviews they tend to find online and such, especially on Epvp. Let me tell you this, Epvp reviews can be easily removed by mods whenever the author of the post reports it. We always had 90% positive reviews in the past because of the way topic 6 was explained. Then, reviews became mixed, even though we still kept those reviews available to address them. We kept all reviews, whether they were good or bad, publicly on Epvp. Other providers know how to exploit Epvp by removing negative reviews about their product by reporting them and keeping pages of positive ones. Therefore, please do not compare us to other providers because they have a higher number of positive reviews than our recent reviews. They are literally being dishonest about the negative reviews they delete. We keep everything open.

To conclude, we thank you for reading everything we have to say and stand by all that we have said earlier, which is 100% true. You can always DM Woofer in his discord regarding any clarifications.